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2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey Preliminary Results Released

The 2018 CBECS preliminary building characteristics are now available. This preliminary data release includes building counts, square footage, and age of buildings by building size, building activity, year of construction, and census region and division. Data are available in a table and a flipbook.

The next release (in spring or summer of 2021) will include more detailed building characteristics, which will have similar content as the 2012 CBECS Detailed Tables. In the last stage of the building characteristics data release, EIA will publish the raw data files.

The 2018 CBECS recently completed its final phase of data collection: the Energy Supplier Survey (ESS). EIA collected data from energy providers of buildings that responded to the CBECS buildings survey. Next, EIA will combine and process the ESS energy usage data with energy usage data from the building respondents. Energy consumption and expenditures data should be available beginning in spring 2022. See About the CBECS for further descriptions of the two phases of CBECS data collection.

Projected schedule of 2018 CBECS data releases

Detailed tables and public use microdata on building characteristicsSpring or summer 2021
Consumption and expenditures (C&E) preliminary estimatesSpring 2022
C&E detailed tables and microdataSpring or summer 2022

Last modified: November 18, 2020